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Oak Ridge advisory board appoints nine members

Nine local residents will have the chance to provide input this fall to the U.S. Department of Energy on its Oak Ridge Reservation cleanup mission.

The Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board appointed the new members, giving the group a total of 21 members and two non-voting student representatives.The DOE's Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management briefs the board periodically on its top cleanup projects. The federally chartered citizen's panel then discusses each project and provides the DOE with community perspectives through formal recommendations.

The nine new members of the advisory board are all residents of Oak Ridge, Knoxville an the surrounding areas. The members are:

Kathryn Bales, senior nuclear engineering student at the University of Tennessee

Christopher Beatty, quality assurance engineer with Innovative Design Inc.

Rosario Gonzalez, cafateria manager at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Oak Ridge

Eddie Holden, retired transportation logistics manager who worked with OREM for 10 years and Yellow Freight for 31 years

Deni Sobek, science teacher at Oak Ridge High School

Fred Swindler, former vice president and current consultant in regulatory affairs for IsoRay Medical Inc.

Venita Thomas, occupational safety and health safety specialist with Alliant Corp.

Rudy Weigel, retired industrial hygienist, bioenvironmental engineer, environmental scientist and hazardous waste program coordinator

Phil Yager, Anderson County Commissioner for District 8 in Oak Ridge.


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