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Kingsport solar glass manufacturer struggling

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Employees of a Kingsport glass making company are saying they have not been paid, with one employee saying some haven't been paid for weeks and even then some of the paychecks have bounced, according to a story by Nick Shepherd of the Kingsport Times News.

Heritage Glass in Kingsport is the only U.S. manufacturuer of solar panel glass.

The Tennessee Department of Labor reports four wage complaints from employees.

The company has 21 days until the department takes action. Fines could range from $500 to $1,000 per offense, according to the department.

Heritage Glass in a press release said senior management is committed to their employees being paid for their time. They said they have held meetings this week to discuss the situation with them and senior management has volunteered to defer payment of their salaries until all employees are fully paid.

The company opened last year in a formerly shuttered manufacturing facility in Kingsport, and received assistance from state and local departments on the facility purchase and for worker training.

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