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What would Tennessee look like using 100 percent renewable energy?

The Solutions Project, using data from Stanford University, aims to show that using wind, water and solar to power the United States' energy needs can make economic and environmental sense.

So what would Tennessee look like if the state transitioned to 100 percent renewable energy?

According to the organization, by 2050 Tennessee's energy mix would look something like this:

6 percent - residential rooftop solar
69 percent - solar photovoltaic plants
5 percent - concentrated solar plants
10 percent - wind energy
6 percent - commercial/government rooftop solar
4 percent - hydroelectric

Through these changes and energy efficiency improvements, TSP projects a 38 percent drop in energy demand. Under its calculations, this and other savings could pay for the plan in as little as 14 years.

Each state has its own particular mix of energy needs.  For more on the Tennessee plan and other states, see

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