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Planners share draft for start of Knox-Blount greenway link

In April, the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization presented its plan for a greenway connecting Townsend to Maryville, Alcoa and even Knoxville.

Linking Knox and Blount counties via a greenway route from Knoxville to Townsend is the overall goal. Officials admit that is an ambitious project with possible obstacles of topography, streams and structures.

For now, planners are tackling smaller projects along the way.

Next Tuesday, July 23, the Knoxville Regional TPO, Great Smoky Mountains Regional Greenway Council and their Blount County partners will be holding two open houses to share draft plans to link the Maryville and Townsend greenway trails.

An open house will be presented in both Townsend and Maryville.

--Townsend open house: 4-5:30 p.m. July 23rd at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center, 123 Cromwell Drive, Townsend

--Maryville open house: 6:30-8 p.m. July 23rd at the Maryville Municipal Building, 416 W. Broadway Avenue, Maryville

Attendees are asked to review the plans and offer comments and suggestions.

Other organizations participating in the greenway plan are local governments in Blount County and a Technical Advisory Committee with representatives from the City of Alcoa, Blount County, the City of Maryville, the City of Townsend, the Maryville-Alcoa-Blount County Parks & Recreation Commission, the Blount Partnership, the TPO, and TDOT.

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