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Upcycling program returns to East Tennessee, asks businesses to donate materials

Local nonprofit ZeroLandfill East Tennessee invites area architects, contractors and similar businesses to donate supplies that would otherwise be thrown away.
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The program, in its second year, encourages businesses to donate leftover, expired and unwanted samples to be "upcycled," or repurposed by the community.

Architecture and interior design-related businesses are asked to donate items such as expired samples, fabric, magazines, paint chips, tile, old marketing materials, flooring and more. Building retailers like Lowes and Home Depot that utilize product samples are also welcome to participate.

The organization cannot process paint, demolition material from construction sites or items from residential homeowners.

Businesses may drop off material at Office Furniture Outfitters, 1817 Grand Ave. SW in Knoxville:
2-4 p.m. April 22-25; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.April 26; 2 p.m.-4 p.m. April 29-30 and May 1-2; and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. May 3.
Volunteers sort material donated 
at a previous ZeroLandfill event
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by ZeroLandfill East Tennessee
Items should be packed into manageable boxes and it's helpful for volunteers if each box contains the same type of material, said Rebecca Ware, an interior designer and coordinator for ZeroLandfill East Tennessee. A loading dock is available.      
The site will be open to the public Saturday April 27 and May 4, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Parking is available at the site, but individuals are asked to bring their own containers to collect materials including carts and dollies/handcarts if necessary. 

Last year's participants included architects, interior design firms, contractors, retailers, furniture dealers and flooring suppliers/distributors. Everything donated was gone within the first two hours, Ware said.
The effort kept more than 9 tons of material out of area landfills last year, its first in East Tennessee.

Volunteers are still needed to sort and process material and help the public load supplies for takeaway. For more information email or visit the ZeroLandfill East Tennessee Facebook page

Here are some images of items created by local artists with material from last year's ZeroLandfill event.

Christina Bradshaw Art.jpg

This sign was made from flooring samples by Christina Bradshaw

Sarah Brobst - Wall Covering Art.jpg

Wall covering by Sarah Brobst

Examples from other, non-Knoxville events:

classroom tools.jpg

Classroom tools created from modified tile samples

carpet sample rug.jpg

A patchwork rug from sewn-together carpet samples

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