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Recycling in Knoxville almost doubled since 2011

The city of Knoxville's recycling program continues to grow.

Recycling in Knoxville has nearly doubled since the city started its curbside program in 2011, according to city statistics.

"Before we did the curbside program we averaged 4,500 to 5,000 tons a year; now we are doing close to 9,000," said David Brace, director of public service for the city of Knoxville in a story by the News Sentinel's Mal Alder.

Officials say they see more people who are interested in recycling and want to do more.

Brace says the city hopes to expand the single stream recycling program to cover the 1,900 households now on the waiting list.

When it was launched in 2011 the program took less than three months to reach it's full number of participating households.
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