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Wacker Polysilicon plant marks another building milestone

PlacedEquipment.jpgDespite announcing plant startup delays last year, Wacker Polysilicon continues to update the timetable for its Tennessee plant's construction.

Five structures measuring more than 200 feet tall are now upright and in place at Wacker Polysilicon's Charleston, Tenn. site. 

The equipment, which performs a distillation process to produce the polycrystalline silicon, was trucked to the site last year along I-75, the company says. It is taller than any other building in Bradley County, according to Mike Pare in a Times Free Press article.

"This is a very visible stride in our progress: the first major milestone of 2013.  We are excited to see this equipment now in its permanent place," said Dr. Martin Richtberg, vice president of engineering and head of the Wacker construction project.  

"Last year we saw the final phase of concrete pouring, the arrival of large core equipment, the beginning of steel erection and the start of interior work," added Dr. Richtberg.  "We are proud of these accomplishments, of our project; and we look forward to the work ahead of us this year."


Photo: This equipment was designed to perform specific types of distillation to produce a product more than 99.999999999 percent pure.  Credit Wacker Polysilicon North America LLC

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