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Chattanooga Airport has received a $3 million grant from the FAA Airport Improvement Program that will be used to expand the airport's solar farm.

An additional $300,000 in funding will come from the airport.

The expansion is phase two of a planned three-phase project, and will add 4,000 solar panels to the site. 

The additional solar panels will go online next year.

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Hemlock Semiconductor is nearing the end of the first phase of of its plant in Clarksville, Tenn., according to company officials.

The company hopes to begin production next year.

The $1.2 billion plant will employ 500 full-time workers when completed and produce close to 12,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon per year initially.

However, this is almost certainly not the end of the project. The plant site is designed for a potential four construction phases, which could turn into a $5 billion investment over time.

Photo: An aerial view looking from the back side of Hemlock Semiconductor LLC from Tylertown Road. HSC will be ready to start production sometime next year. / THE LEAF-CHRONICLE/GREG WILLIAMSON
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