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When McCamy Development needed a new building for its offices, the firm worked with the architect, construction company and other designers to add a special feature: a large greenspace on the roof.

Almost 40 percent of the 1,300-square-foot roof is covered with greenery, provided by Michigan-based company LiveRoof LLC, reports business writer Ed Marcum in the News Sentinel.

The company uses drought-resistant plants in special containers that are placed together to create a seamless-looking landscape.

Local regional grower Southeast Green Roofs of Fairview, Tenn. selected and grew the green roof plants in the system's modules, which were installed by Dixie Roofing, based in LaFollette, Tenn.

The plants will require minimal maintenance, said Andy Sudbrock, plant ecologist, Southeast Green Roofs, in a press release.

McCamy Development has used the green space for several events and the building's second tenant, fitness studio Barre3, may use the space for outdoor classes.

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