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Knoxville & Knox County join Water Quality Forum in offering rain barrels, compost bins

The city of Knoxville, Knox County, and the town of Farragut have joined with the Water Quality Forum to offer rainbarrels and compost bins to area residents.

Fifty-gallon rain barrels will be sold for $58 and 85-gallon compost bins will be $55.  Officials hope the discounted pricing will encourage residents to protect water quality and help reduce the waste stream to area landfills.

Saved water can be used to water vegetables, flowers and lawns or used for outdoor washing of decks and vehicles among other uses. "During a one-inch rain, more than 700 gallons of water will run off the average roof. That's enough water to take 17 baths or 58 showers," said Melinda Watson, a water quality specialist with TVA in a press release.

The rain barrel is made of 50 percent recycled plastic and is manufactured in the United States.

Pre-ordered rain barrels and compost bins will be available for pickup 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, June 16 at the West Town Mall parking lot by Morrell Road.  A few rainbarrels and compost bins will be available for sale at the event, but preordering is encouraged.

"This program is an important step in offering an inexpensive option to help our residents save money and understand the significance of water conservation and waste reduction," said Parci Gibson with the Water Quality Forum.

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