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University of Tennessee offers organic gardening tour

Both commercial and home gardeners interested in growing organic products can take advantage of information from the University of Tennessee East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center 

The center has scheduled its fourth annual Organic Crops Field Tour for April 26.

The 90-acre Organic Crops Unit, located in Knoxville at 7315 Government Farm Road, is dedicated to organic crop research, and the field day will highlight current research projects and discuss organic crop production techniques and recommendations. 

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The event will feature presentations from University of Tennessee staff on gardening topics including:

--High tunnels, small-scale rainwater collection, and small-scale composting. 
--Reduced tillage, field crop seeding rates and weed control, and brown marmorated stink bugs. 
--Fruit production, tomato grafting, and heirloom seeds. 

Industry and educational exhibits will also be set up at this event, including a trade show and equipment displays.

Onsite registration opens at 9 a.m. and is $15. Pre-registration is $10 when made through the UT Organic and Sustainable Crop Production website by April 23.

UT AgResearch, in cooperation with UT Extension and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, launched the organic agriculture initiative to involve more Tennessee farmers in organic production for the purpose of increasing farm income.

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