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Electric car stations growing in popularity in Knoxville

According to a Department of Energy report, has the second highest number of electric vehicle charging stations in Tennessee, behind Nashville, but ahead of Memphis and Chattanooga.

Between March and December 2011, Knoxville drivers charged up more than 7,100 times -- twice as many as in Chattanooga.

And 28 more charging stations are expected in Knoxville by June, including 10 solar charging stations in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, says Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Gerald Witt in a recent article.

Knoxville businesses such as Cracker Barrel , Three Rivers Market, the Crowne Plaza hotel and others already have stations available for customers.

The growth is fueled by a $99.8 million grant from DOE to ECOtality to install charging sites. Knoxville is one of four cities in Tennessee and one of 18 in the country to benefit from the money.

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