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Wacker Chemie making progress on Tennessee plant

sIMG_1774.jpgWacker Polysilicon has progressed to vertical construction at its site in Charleston, Tenn.  The three largest buildings of the plant 
are now moving upward with the installation of precast walls.

The precast buildings are fully enclosed production facilities.  More than 5,000 precast components will be used to build these facilities, with 1,800 already installed.  More than 30 buildings are planned for the site.

Ground preparation for the site began Dec. 2010. So far, more than 4 million cubic yards of dirt have been moved.

On an average full day, there are approximately 700 construction workers on the Charleston site.

The $1.5 billion plant is scheduled for completion in late 2013 with production beginning in 2014. It will  produce around 15,000 metric tons of polysilicon for solar cells and employ some 650 full time workers. 

Wacker Polysilicon is division of Wacker Chemie AG 

Construction at the Wacker Chemie polysilicon plant near Cleveland Tennessee. Submitted.
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