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TVA increases power supply from wind farms

The Tennessee Valley Authority has added new renewable wind power sources to its powergrid in January.

"Delivery of power from these contracts and others expected to be activated in the near future will enable TVA to continue advancing towards its vision to become one of the nation's leaders in clean energy by 2020," said John Trawick, TVA senior vice president for Commercial Operations and Pricing, in a press release.

The four wind farms will add 535 megawatts, bringing TVA's total wind energy to 950 megawatts,  or more than 3 million megawatt hours annually, the organization said. 

The new sources:
--201 megawatts comes from ENEL Green Power's Caney River wind farm in Elk County, Kan.  
--150 megawatts from NextEra Energy Resources' White Oak Energy Center in McLean County, Ill.  
---101 megawatts from EDP Renewables North America's Lost Lakes wind farm in Dickinson County, Iowa.

In addition, EDP Renewables' Pioneer Prairie site in Howard and Mitchell counties, Iowa -- which began producing wind energy for TVA in 2010 -- has increased output an additional 83 megawatts.

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That's about 17 percent of the organization's total renewable and clean energy capacity, including hydroelectric, wind, Generation Partners and Renewable Standard Offer initiatives and other solar, methane and biomass generation.

TVA now has contracts with five wind farms in the Midwest with 542 wind turbines. 

Additional contracts which should be activated this year are projected to increase TVA's wind-based energy purchases to 1,565 megawatts.

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