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TVA, Clayton Homes launch energy efficiency program for manufactured housing

Clayton Homes has announced that all manufactured homes it builds locally will qualify for the Energy Star label thanks to an energy efficiency cash incentive of $1,450 per home from TVA.

TVA pays the incentive directly to producers of new manufactured homes to offset most added costs of building Energy Star homes.

Energy Star homes can lower electric bills by $70 a month on average, TVA said.

Since 2002, only about 150 Energy Star manufactured homes have been located in Tennessee. Under the new program, Clayton Homes projects an additional 2,200 Energy Star homes in the TVA region this year. 

The Systems Building Research Alliance, the research arm for the factory-built housing industry and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's national quality assurance oversight agent for the manufactured and modular home Energy Star programs, helped TVA and Clayton identify ways to grow the program and will help manage it.

Only electrically-heated homes with a heat pump are eligible for TVA incentives. The manufacturer must also meet stringent thermal envelope requirements and install other energy efficiency features. Features can include efficient heating and cooling systems, lighting and appliances, and high-performance windows, insulation systems and construction systems to reduce leaks and drafts. 
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