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Knoxville's curbside recycling program fills up

The city of Knoxville reports it reached the goal, and current limit, of 20,000 signups for its new curbside recycling program in December.

The program has been active for less than a year.

"We are very pleased with the response of our citizens to this program," says David Brace, the city's director of public service. "With 20,000 sign-ups, that means that one-third of the City's households are participating."

Since the first of October, initial participating households hvae recycled more than 1,200 tons of waste, said John Homa, city solid waste manager.

Several thousand more carts will be delivered in February to those who signed up after the initial August 14 deadline.

With the 20,000 goal reached, enrollment in the program is closed for now, but program officials hope to expand it in the future. 

Interested residents should sign up on the city's waiting list. In addition to gauging interest in the program, residents on the wait list will be added if current customers drop out of the program or if additional funds are approved by city officials.

Sign up for the waiting list at Knoxville's Household Curbside Recycling Program page.

For those not in the curbside program, the city operates 10 recycling centers where residents may drop off items.

City recycling drop off supercenters:

Kroger at I-640 Plaza - 4440 Western Ave. at Clinton
Goodwill at Metler - 820 Metler Dr

Goodwill at W. Moody Ave. - 225 W. Moody Ave

Goodwill at Chilhowee Park - 210 Alice St.

Kroger at Bearden Knox Plaza - 4918 Kingston Pike
Goodwill at Cedar Bluff - 341 Parkvillage Road

Downtown Recycling Center - 400 State St.
Solid Waste Management Facility Transfer Station - 1033 Elm St.

For more information on the dropoff centers visit the City of Knoxville's Recycling page.
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