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Wind-power startup installs first turbine in Nashville

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New Wind LLC, a Nashville-based startup company, has installed its first solar-wind powered turbine in the city, reports Duane Marsteller of the Tennessean. The unit will power a parking lot's streetlight.

The company, formed in February of 2010, specializes in small wind-power installations for businesses and residential customers.  

Unlike traditional windmills, New Wind offers turbines  that spin horizontally, allowing them to be placed closer to the ground.  The company says that the turbines are quieter and don't pose a danger to birds or bats.

The company's units also incorporate solar power for operation on non-windy days. New Wind offers seven sizes of VAWT turbines, ranging from small 350 watt units up to 9 kilowatts that can be mounted on a roof or on the ground.

Plans are in the works for more installations says company president and CEO Stuart Wilson.

New Wind also has an office in San Diego, Calif.

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