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First city curbside recycling program deadline approaching


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Residents interested in the city of Knoxville's new recycling program have until August 14 to sign up if they want to be among the first participants to receive a recycling cart.

The first group will start receiving carts the week of August 29 through September 16.

Households will be able to sign up after the deadline but the city expects carts to be delivered and service to start for these sign-ups in the late fall.

"We are pushing for as many early registrations for the program as possible," says David Brace, deputy director of public service. "The more carts we can deliver in the first round, the faster we start diverting material from the landfill."

Customers can recycle plastics, metal, glass and paper/cardboard. Officials estimate 75 percent to 80 percent of household waste in Knoxville is recyclable.

Currently 16,485 households have signed up for the program -- that's out of the initial 20,000 spaces available.

Sign up through the city's online city services portal or call 311. Questions? Email
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