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Report: Knoxville on top in green job growth

Knoxville is a hot spot for jobs in the green economy, according to a new Brookings Institute study, "Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Jobs Assessment."

The report used data from 2003 to 2010 from every county in the United States to explore the size, growth, and geography of the "clean" or green economy through statistics including wages, employment, growth and more.
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According to the report, Knoxville ranked No. 1 in growth of green jobs among the top 100 metro areas nationally, with jobs growing by 14.6% annually between 2003 and 2010. Knoxville added nearly 10,000 jobs in that time, ranking it 11th by number of jobs added.

Knoxville boasts more than 16,000 clean economy jobs ranking it 31st among the 100 largest metro areas for job numbers, but those add up to 4.9 percent of all jobs in the region. On this measure of concentration its clean economy ranks 2nd overall.

Where are the jobs?

The biggest industries for green jobs are Professional energy services, remediation, professional environmental services, waste management and treatment and recycling. Professional energy services is also the fastest growing segment, adding more than 8,000 jobs from 2003-2010..

Pay for these new jobs compares very favorably with other jobs in the area. The estimated median wage in Knoxville's clean economy is $45,184. This compares to $32,860 for all jobs in Knoxville.

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According to the report, the South has the largest number of clean economy jobs though the West has the largest share relative to its population. Seven of the 21 states with at least 50,000 clean economy jobs are in the South.

tennesseegreenjobs.jpgFastest growing segments in Tennessee:
--Professional Energy Services
--Green Architecture and Construction Services
--Regulation and Compliance
--Air and Water Purification Technologies

In terms of its overall size the clean economy in Tennessee ranks 14th among the states. The state has more than 76,000 green jobs, making up 2.8 percent of all jobs in the state; the sixth highest ranking. Each job, on average, produces $50,939 in exports -- the second highest amount.

Other cities in the state

Chattanooga: 6,688 clean jobs, ranking 71st among the 100 largest metro areas nationally
Memphis: 11,515 clean jobs, ranking 46th among the 100 largest metro areas nationally
Nashville: 17,913 clean jobs, ranking 28th among the 100 largest metro areas natinally

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