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15 Knoxville sites proposed for electric vehicle stations

A tentative list of charging station locations has been proposed for the Knoxville area, according to Laura Vela in today's News Sentinel.

A letter of estimate from Broadway Electric Service Corp. in Nashville contains a list of the proposed charger locations as part of ECOtality's EV Project.

According to the letter, the possible locations are McGhee Tyson Airport, the Civic Coliseum, Ijams Nature Park, Lakeshore Park, Tyson Park, West Hills Park, Victor Ashe Park, Caswell Park, the Fort Kid and Knoxville Museum of Art parking lot, Dwight Kessel Garage, the Volunteer Landing lot, the Locust Street Garage, an Old City lot off Jackson Avenue, the Market Square Garage and the State Street Garage.

McGhee Tyson Airport, the Civic Coliseum, Caswell Park, and the Dwight Kessel, Locust Street, Market Square, and State Street garages would be receiving the EV Project's wall chargers, according to the report from Broadway Electric.

The other tentative locations would install pedestal charging stations.

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