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More public charging stations on the way, says ECOtality

Originally announced in 2009, followed by the announcement of a Tennessee electrification "corridor" in 2010, ECOtality's EV Project is finally underway, reports Laura Vela in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

One program participant, John Craig, received his Nissan Leaf last month and uses it to commute from the Loudon County area to his job in downtown Knoxville.

While running out of charge hasn't been a concern, Craig says he is excited about the installation of public charging stations.

The commercial implementation of those stations began last week when the company dedicated several charging stations June 13 at the Loews Hotel in Nashville.

ECOtality stated that more information specific to the Knoxville-area chargers will be released later this summer.

"Our focus up until recently has been on the residential. ... We would like to keep the conversation on the statewide basis and within the next couple weeks have more news for Knoxville," said Stephanie Cox, Tennessee-area manager at ECOtality.

Read more about the EV Project at the Knoxville News Sentinel.
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