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Holiday Inn Worlds Fair Park Earns Tennessee Green Hospitality designation

The Holiday Inn Worlds Fair Park is the first full service Knoxville hotel to earn the Tennessee Green Hospitality Designation recognizing sustainable practices from the Tennessee Hospitality Association.

"Since day one of the renovations we have pushed forward to make this hotel as energy conscious as possible.  Whether it is recycling in the restaurant or low-flow toilets in the bathrooms we want to part of this movement," says Michael Parisi, the hotel's general manager.

Renovations on the Holiday Inn Worlds Fair Park started 18 months ago and will be completed this summer.

The hotel previously received GoGreen's Energy Efficiency Award in this year's Business Recognition Program.

As part of the program, Kay Brookshire highlighted the hotel's energy saving efforts in the monthly Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

The hotel is among the first in Knoxville to use the key-card system for energy control. When the Holiday Inn completes the renovations the key-card system is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 1.4 million pounds per year and result in energy savings of more than 1 million kilowatt hours, according to Ryan Cazana, development director for the Holiday Inn's management group, Commercial and Investment Properties Co.

Other environmentally-friendly changes include low flow toilets, water saving shower heads/sinks, and energy-efficient lighting.

"We will save about $100 per year per toilet, because of the new one-gallon-per-flush model," Cazana says. Water savings from faucets and toilets is projected at about 3.79 million gallons per year.

Saving old materials has also been part of the project: Carpets were recycled and old furniture was donated to area shelters, according to the hotel.

The Tennessee Green Hospitality Program is an initiative to promote and support the vision of a more sustainable state and to assure guests that hotels are actively improving programs for sustainability.
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