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Green jobs reports identify growing job opportunities in Tennessee

Two reports released Thursday point to increased demand for green jobs in Tennessee.

The studies, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration, identify the number of green jobs in Tennessee in 2010, expected vacancies in the companies surveyed, and additional jobs created through 2014 by Tennessee's $5.5 billion in investments in the green economy.

The first study, "Green Jobs in Tennessee: Economic Impact of Selected Green Investments in Tennessee" looked at the impact of industries in the state investing in green energy and creating jobs, including Hemlock Semiconductor; Wacker Chemie AG; Volkswagen; Nissan Leaf and Storage Battery Manufacturing; Tennessee Solar Institute and West Tennessee Solar Farm; and eTec Battery Charging Stations.

The report was created by researchers at Middle Tennessee State University's Business and Economic Research Center in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

"While many states have been struggling to add new manufacturing jobs, these six green investments in Tennessee have the potential to reverse trends in the state's manufacturing employment by boosting the job market with nearly 10,000 construction jobs and 17,000 manufacturing jobs," said Dr. Murat Arik, Associate Director for the BERC.

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In 2011, according to the study, the number of direct green construction jobs generated by these six investments was 5,674. In addition, 1,767 indirect green jobs were created, along with another 1,928 induced jobs. This translated into a total economic impact of more than 9,300 jobs across Tennessee.

Once the companies are fully operational, the total number of permanent jobs will exceed 16,500, of which 10,143 will be green jobs. By the year 2014, investments by these six major companies will amount to more than $5.5 billion.


The second study, Tennessee's Green Jobs Report, includes a survey of more than 6,000 employers in Tennessee identifying 43,800 green jobs in Tennessee in 2010. In addition to the employees working in those jobs, employers identified 3,645 additional vacancies for 2011 for green jobs in the state.

The study found the annual growth rate for green jobs was 8 percent, much faster than the statewide average. The most rapidly growing occupations were solar photovoltaic installers; computer software engineers (systems software); separating, and filtering.

Job openings in Tennessee's green industry may be found at, selecting the Find a Job and Advanced Job Search tab, selecting an area, and asking to review the green jobs.

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