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Hemlock Semiconductor may expand Clarksville operations

Hemlock Semiconductor may expand it's Tennessee operations, currently being built in Clarksville, Tenn., if an incentive package announced this week by state officials is approved, reports Erik Schelzig of the Associated Press.

The Haslam administration announced Monday it is pursuing a $150 million bond issue to make improvements at the site.

Following the announcement, Hemlock said the incentives could lead to a $3 billion expansion of the project.

Officials say that could mean another 900 jobs at the site.

Hemlock is building the $1.2 billion facility to manufacture polysilicon, which is used in solar energy applications. It expects to employ about 500 people when the facility opens next year.

A recent editorial in Clarksville's daily Leaf Chronicle also discussed the possible expansion, saying it would better position Clarksville as a hub for solar technology.

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