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EPA pushes back deadline for coal ash rules

In May of 2010, the EPA announced plans to create federal regulations for coal-ash disposal, welcome news to many Tennesseans affected by the 2008 coal ash spill at TVA's Kingston Fossil Plant. Rules were expected by the end of last year, but delays were announced in December.

Now, officials say the rules may be delayed further, until 2012 -- or even 2013, reports Michael Collins in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

"The target date for release of a final rule will be determined, pending a full evaluation of all the information and comments EPA received on the proposal," the agency said in a statement. "As we have said before publicly, the rule will likely not be published this year. Beyond that, no date has been set."

The EPA says it has gotten 450,000 public comments on the proposed rules and is in the process of reviewing those remarks.

Still, area environmental groups fear the push for new rules is becoming stalled in Washington due to industry opposition and a new political climate.

Read the full story at the News Sentinel.
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