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Clinton radio station invests in solar installation

Radio Station WYSH 1380 AM in Clinton, is having solar panels installed on the roof of the station, which should provide enough electricity to power the station, reports Bob Fowler of the daily Knoxville News Sentinel.

Station owner Ron Meredith estimates he'll slice his power bills in half - perhaps more - once he goes solar.

"I've always been energy-conscious and I don't see a time when energy costs will go down," he said. "The more technology we use at the station, the more energy we use."

The $80,000 project has been on hold nearly a year due to the economy and uncertainty over government incentives for the project. Those incentives, now approved, will bring Meredith's costs down to $24,000.

While the project was on hold, solar power technology advanced so much the installation will be able to generate another kilowatt of electricity, bringing the project to a total of 9 kilowatts, he said.

Read more at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

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