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TVA on track to reduce energy use

For the first time, TVA has release its scores on the Federal Office of Management and Budget scorecard on sustainability and energy performance.

According to the report, TVA is on track to reduce the energy use of its office buildings, shops and warehouses by 30 percent by 2015 and to increase the amount of renewable energy that supports them.

TVA received favorable "green" scores in emissions reduction, energy intensity and renewable energy use. However, the report indicates a need for improvement in water use and green, sustainable buildings.

The scorecard, submitted for fiscal year 2010, describes how an agency's buildings and related operations meet guidelines for reducing their environmental impact.

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The buildings reviewed are not part of TVA's electricity generation fleet, but instead structures such as office buildings, shops and warehouses. Using this scorecard as a benchmark, TVA will identify and track the best opportunities to reduce pollution, improve efficiency, and cut costs. 

"This scorecard serves as an important tool to help us develop targets to reduce waste and increase efficiency in our operations," said Anda Ray, senior vice president of Environment and Technology and TVA's Senior Sustainability Officer, in a statement. "We are now armed with data to know how our buildings stack up in energy performance so that we can address areas needing improvement and to expand on our successes."

Green scores:
Emissions: TVA is on track to reduce scope 1 & 2  emissions by 17 by percent by 2020 through building energy use and use of renewable energy. Scope 3 emissions, which covers emissions from employee business and commuter travel,
municipal solid waste disposal and waste water treatment and emissions related to transmission of power
to TVA buildings, is projected to fall 21 percent
Energy intensity: Energy use is down 15 percent from 2003 and expected to be down 30 percent by 2015. TVA is currently using almost half the energy of the Federal average for similar buildings.
Renewable energy: Total of 10.1 percent of facility electricity use from renewable electricity sources including at least 2.5% from new sources.

Yellow scores:
TVA has reduced water use by 4.6 percent since 2007, but is not on track to meet the 26 percent reduction target by 2020. The agency plans more water-saving projects in its buildings and is moving all agency energy and water data to a new data management system

Red scores:
Green buildings: Currently none of TVA's buildings qualify under the scorecard. TVA has projects in process, but may not count them until they are complete. TVA has started retrofitting the Sustainable Guiding Principles in its two largest buildings.  Once these buildings are complete TVA will exceed the 15 percent requirement. Other buildings are under review for improvements.

The scorecard also includes guidelines for reducing fleet petroleum use, but TVA's vehicle fleet has been historically excluded from past requirements. The agency is discussing options for its participation with the Department of Energy.

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