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Transit companies minimize petroleum

In addition to our winning Green Achiever stories, GoGreenET also highlighted several other environmentally friendly companies and practices in the April Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

Bus riders in Knoxville can't find much cleaner rides.

KAT's converted nearly 100 percent of its fleet to hybrid electric vehicles and the remainder run on clean fuels such as propane and biodiesel.

Passengers can park and ride from the new $27 million Knoxville Station, which is seeking to become certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program. Green amenities include a geothermal heating and air conditioning system and a green roof planted with drought-resistent, sun-loving plants.

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If riders want to take their bikes, each bus is equipped with a bike rack - and bikes ride free.

For those venturing outside the county line, charter bus company Premier Transportation says it's got green rides too.

The company purchased five new coaches in the past year, spokesman Justin Cazana says, all of them with more than 25 percent increased fuel efficiency.

Its new double-decker bus, the maiden voyage of which was taking the University of Tennessee Lady Vols to the SEC tournament, is the most efficient coach on the market and provides more passenger miles per gallon than any other mode of transportation, Cazana says.

"Premier also does the little things like recycle the used oil out of the coaches to be used in the heating of the shop space in the winter, and requiring drivers to take classes/webinars on getting better gas mileage," he adds.

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