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NNSA celebrates Earth Week

The National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the Department of Energy, is sharing its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency by setting up a Green Week website, reports News Sentinel writer Frank Munger on his Atomic City Underground blog.

"Investing in sustainability and energy efficiency are critical ... Earth Day is a day we can reflect on what we are doing to improve our work and environment," said Don Cook, deputy administrator of the NNSA.

Cook said personal efforts include recycling, using mass transit and taking advantage of modern facilities and equipment and best practices.

NNSA labs are are working on national environmental challenges in climate change and energy infrastructure. The organization has given out more than $150 million in energy savings performance contracts and pursued LEED certification at several facilities.

Each day, the NNSA Green Week website will focus on a different story that highlights the connection between NNSA's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency and NNSA's efforts to invest in the future of the nuclear security enterprise, implementing President Obama's nuclear security agenda, and improving the way the enterprise does business.

The Department of Energy also operates and the accompanying Energy Blog year round to promote energy saving projects and investments. For consumers, it offers the Energy Savers Blog, detailing ways individuals can reduce energy consumption.
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