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Energy efficiency tops green job list in Tenn.

Almost 9,000 Tennesseans are employed in energy efficiency jobs, making it the top green economic activity in the state for 2010, according to a report released last week.

greenjobs.jpgIndustries with the most green jobs are construction and manufacturing (both with 22 percent) and transportation (13 percent) and professional and technical services (13 percent).

The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development last week released preliminary results of Tennessee's Green Jobs Report, an account of data gathered in a survey of more than 6,000 Tennessee businesses. The survey identifies occupations and training requirements within Tennessee's green economy.

Green jobs in Tennessee total around 43,800 for 2010, which does not include additional jobs coming in the next two years from new projects in the state by Hemlock Semiconductor, Wacker Chemie and Nissan.

The survey examined 10 green economic activity sectors: energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, green construction, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, green manufacturing, recycling and waste reduction, research and consulting, and governmental and regulatory administration.

Top 5 green job activities in Tennessee:
1. Energy efficiency - 8,966 jobs
2. Sustainable transportation - 5,839 jobs
3. Green manufacturing - 5,446 jobs
4. Recycling and waste reduction - 5,174 jobs
5. Environmental protection - 4,798 jobs

Among the largest green occupations in Tennessee are team assemblers, who may manufacture energy efficient appliances or solar or wind energy components; civil engineers, who are LEED project engineers or who direct sustainable city planning; transit or intercity bus drivers, who drive clean-fuel or low-sulfur buses, construction laborers, who work on home weatherization; and environmental scientists and specialists, who monitor environmental impacts and provide recommendations for mitigation.

Tennessee's Green Jobs Report will be available in its entirety by May 6. In addition to the baseline report, a separate report is forthcoming on the job impact of major new green investments in Tennessee, such as Wacker Chemie AG, Hemlock Semiconductor, Volkswagen, eTec, the Volunteer State Solar Initiative, and Nissan.
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