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City of Knoxville unveils new recycling program

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Just in time for Earth Day, the city of Knoxville has made it easier for most residents to recycle their household waste.

Knoxville Mayor, Daniel Brown, announced Thursday the launch of the City's new household curbside recycling campaign and sign-ups are already underway. The single-stream program will take all recyclables in one container -- no sorting needed!

Initially, the program will be limited to the first 20,000 households to sign up. Households in the city limits that receive weekly garbage collection are eligible at no additional charge.

Residents participating in the Waste Connections household curbside recycling program who live in the City limits will automatically be included in the new program. Residents in the Central Business Improvement District will have single stream location options and do not need to sign up.

One downside: Apartments of more than four units are not eligible for this program but must continue to use the drop centers for their recycling needs.

After signing up, residents will receive a rolling cart in September and pick up every other week will start in October.

Participants in the program can also earn extra points at RecycleBank, a rewards program for recycling.

Sign up by visiting or by calling 311.
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