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The first Earth Day was recognized on April 22, 1970. Since then, the annual observance has allowed individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The Earth Day Network has designated Earth Day 2011's focus as "A Billion Acts of Green," campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before global Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.

Green acts include actions from individuals, organizations or businesses. The site suggests any activity including "Earth Day events and community climate meetings to tree plantings, large-scale light bulb changes and workplace renewable energy retrofits, even simple individual gestures like riding a bike instead of driving and washing laundry in cold water."

Acts of Green can be submitted at

The site also allows users to submit an Earth Day event or search for events near them. Here are some participating Earth Day events in Tennessee.

Want to see how your lifestyle compares? Calculate your individual carbon footprint with the organization's Footprint Calculator.

Keep reading for more tips on how to go green this Earth Day.

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Want to be a little greener this Earth Day? Here are just a few ideas from our Green Achiever survey:

For individuals:
--Change out your old lightbulbs for new, energy efficient compact fluorescents.
--Fix those leaky faucets
--Get a home energy audit
--Turn off lights and electronics when not in use
--Walk or bike when possible, rather than driving
--Start recycling -- begin small with paper, glass or plastic. If you have a garden, composting counts too!
--Invest in reusable shopping bags
--Use aerators on faucets

For organizations:
--Host a green event and promote awareness both internally and with customers
--Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs
--Reduce copying: use electronic distribution to avoid unnecessary document printing, and set copier and printer defaults to two-sided
--Purchase and use safer, more eco-friendly alternative(s) to previously used products for janitorial, pest control, and/or facility maintenance (for example, Green Seal products

--Have a professional perform an on-site audit of your energy use

--Set electronics to power down when not in use

--Recycle batteries, printer toner and cartridges

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