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Knoxville to start new curbside recycling program

This fall, the city of Knoxville will roll out a curbside recycling program on a first-come, first-served basis for 20,000 residents who already use city garbage pickup, reports Rebecca Ferrar of the News Sentinel.

It will be a single-stream recycling program, which means residents will not have to sort the materials, said David Brace, city deputy director of Public Service.

At present, residents must sort newspapers, glass, cans and other recyclables and take them to the city's 11 drop centers - two "huge barriers," Brace said.

The city plans to run public service announcements to advertise the program. Sign-up for the program begins in late April or early May by calling the city's 311 help line or by using the City of Knoxville's website.

The new program will mean closing four to six of the drop centers, charging most garbage customers who now get backdoor garbage pickup $8.75 a month and initiating a "modest" fee increase at the Solid Waste Management Facility on Elm Street, according to the city.

Read the full story at the Knoxville News Sentinel
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