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Earth Hour 2011 this Saturday

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8:30 p.m. this Saturday, March 26, has been designated as the annual Earth Hour by the World Wildlife Fund.

During the event, individuals and businesses are encouraged turn their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change.

Businesses can support Earth Hour 2011 by switching out the non-essential lights of buildings, facilities and signage and
encouraging staff and customers to also participate.

For guidelines on the program, help participating and to register your event visit the Earth Hour website.

To save energy on lighting year round, consider these tips from WWF:

--Turn off lights after hours in offices or install motion-sensor lighting.
--Install energy saving lights bulbs and devices (e.g. timers on lighting).
--Turning off printers, computers, monitors, microwaves and coffee machines at the power points at the end of the day when unused for long periods.
--Switch your business' electricity to green power.
--Provide and encourage staff to use recycling facilities.
--Involve your staff in everyday change. Elect Earth Hour Monitors for your business,whose job it is to ensure lights are out and appliances are off standby at the end of each working day.

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