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Middle Tennessee customers invest in Generation Partners

More Nashville-area property owners are taking advantage of TVA's Generation Power program and investing in solar energy at their homes and businesses. The program's popularity is growing, in part due to increased incentives and a drop in the price of solar equipment, officials say.

More than 400 property owners, with the help of the Tennessee Valley Authority and local power distributors, have homes and businesses that are also mini-power plants, cranking out electricity for which they get paid, reports Anne Paine of the Nashville daily Tennessean.

While some participants get a check for the power they produce, others use the extra funds to cover their electric bill in higher-usage months.

Most projects are in Tennessee, and an additional 200 such projects are in the pipeline, she writes. Nashville Electric Service reports 63 customers in the program with another 15 planning to participate.

Check out the full story, including individual project descriptions at The Tennessean.
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