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TVA targeted in plan to supply windmill power

Clean Line Energy Partners, a Houston, Texas-based power transmission company, has proposed a $3.5 billion project with TVA to bring power from windmills in Oklahoma and Texas to customers in the Tennessee Valley.

Dave Flessner of the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports the project will require approval from at least four federal and state regulatory agencies. But TVA officials say such a project could provide a major source of green power.

Jimmy Glotfelty, executive vice president of external affairs for Clean Line Energy, said the company has asked state regulators in Oklahoma and Arkansas for permission to pursue the project.

As proposed, the transmission lines would stretch from Diamond, Okla., to the western edge of the TVA service territory in Memphis, he said.

The project would transfer power using direct current, which Developers believe will lessen power loss over the 800-mile distance compared with AC transmissions used by most utilities.

If regulators approve and contracts can be signed with power generators and users, Clean Line wants to build the first of two 3,500-megawatt lines by 2015.

The deal would be in addition to previous agreements TVA has to buy wind energy from seven wind generators in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and North and South Dakota.

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