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State's energy rebates get few takers

Tennessee was one of the last states to launch a rebate program for Energy Star-certified appliances using federal dollars.

The multi-million dollar program, launched in August of this year, has had few takers reports Anne Paine of the Nashville daily The Tennessean.

Tennessee's program covers only heating and cooling systems with $250 rebates for qualified central heating and cooling systems and also for air-source heat pumps; $150 rebates for gas furnaces; and $40 for room air conditioners.

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More than $4.5 million in potential rebate money remains unused. Bruce Teal, with Conservation Services Group, the contractor handling Tennessee's program, said in the article that about 6,000 applications are in the works. More than 40,000 rebates total are still available.

State officials say that due to the nature of the program, focusing on large items, the slowness was expected.

Of the money still available, almost 98 percent of the funds for room air conditioners is still available, almost 80 percent for central air conditioners, 73 percent for air-source heat pumps and more than 90 percent for gas furnaces.

Read the full story at The Tennessean.

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