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State's largest solar power plant comes online

The state's largest solar power system made its official debut today with the help of an array of local officials touting the benefits of the sweltering August sun.

Set on five acres in East Knox County, the installation produces one megawatt of electricity, enough to power about 125 homes.

The site will also serve as a demonstration and education site for solar technology and help TVA and researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory get a sense for solar's potential in this part of the country

The array, made up of 4,608 solar panels, was built by the Natural Energy Group in partnership with Efficient Energy of Tennessee, both Knoxville companies with common ownership.

More than 150 representatives from industry, education, government and research institutions attended the event. The system represents a step forward in the state's budding solar industry, speakers said.

News Sentinel writer Larisa Brass covered the event. Read her full article at Knoxvillebiz.

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