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Memphis-area hopes to be electric vehicle demonstration siteb

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis reported yesterday that officials in the Greater Memphis area hope to position Memphis and the Mid-South as an electric vehicle hub y convincing Congress to locate one 15 demonstration sites for electric vehicles soon to be chosen for the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act in the area.

According to the article by writer Wayne Risher, the Mid-South CHARGE (Council to Help Advance the Regional Growth of Electrification) organization touts Memphis as a global logistics hub "uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity."

In letters Tuesday to congressional delegations, the council wrote, "(T)he Mid-South is well-prepared, willing and eager to adopt electric vehicles once laws are in place to make their development, purchase and regular use more attainable."

The Promoting Electric Vehicles Act is under review by House and Senate committees. Deployment communities would be chosen from competitive applications, and grants would help them develop charging stations, offer consumer incentives and shift government fleets to plug-in electric vehicles.

Read the full article at the Commercial Appeal.

Memphis is also home to FedEx Corp., whose CEO Fred Smith has previously testified before Congress in support of electric vehicles and the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act.

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