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Chattanooga office tower upgrades earn Energy Star designation

Mike Pare of the Chattanooga daily the Times Free Press reports that the city's tallest office building has earned the federal Energy Star designation for energy efficiency.

Republic Centre is the city's first private commercial office building in downtown Chattanooga to achieve the designation, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

Building owners estimate about $1.2 million was spent over ten years to bring the building up to the Energy Star standard. Data collection to qualify for the standard started a year ago.

Some of the energy efficient upgrades include:
A digital climate control system
Installation of thermal window film
Use of adjustable blinds
Switch to water-cooled chillers

Ronnie Williams, senior vice president of the Jim Berry Co., which owns the building, expects to save about $175,000 annually.

According to EPA listings, there are about 30 office buildings in Tennessee with the designation out of 100 total labeled facilities, including nine in Knoxville.

Read the full article at the Times Free Press.
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