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TVA continues to tweak Generation Partners program

News Sentinel writer Larisa Brass reports that more changes to the Generation Partners program will allow larger-scale solar projects across the state to receive existing incentives for renewable power generation for now.

TVA announced Tuesday that customers planning projects between 400 kilowatts and 1 megawatt in generation capacity have until late August to apply for the incentives, which pay for electricity generated by customer-owned solar, wind and biomass power generation projects.

How TVA will handle larger projects after that is still under consideration.

Under the new guidelines, TVA will avoid a 200-megawatt, $50 million cap under the pilot program by providing the same incentives as Generation Partners but under individual power purchase agreements that won't encroach on limits of the renewable incentive program. Application and approval procedures will be the same as Generation Partners, TVA spokesman John Trawick said.

After Aug. 31, TVA officials will evaluate how to move forward with larger renewable projects, possibly creating a separate program for them, he said.

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