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New Johnson City hospital aims for LEED designation

Franklin Woods Community Hospital, which officially opened Monday, hopes to be the first hospital in the state with LEED accreditation, say officials. The facility meets specifications set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council, and is currently under consideration for silver-level LEED certification.

Johnson City Press reporter Teresa Hicks gave some insight into the hospital's green options during a public tour held last week.

The hospital boasts five healing gardens, large windows and construction included natural building products like cork.  A tree grows through the lobby, reports Hicks.

"Even out here in the parking lot, we're working to encourage green behavior with special parking spaces for low-emission vehicles and carpooling spaces," says David Nicely, the new facility's chief executive officer.

The building is also built to conserve electricity and water, including using lights with motion sensors that turn off when light is not needed.

Read the full story at the Johnson City Press.

UPDATE: Writer Larisa Brass has more details about the hospital in her Green Report featured in the September Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

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