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Historic home goes green after restoration

Knox Heritage is partnering with the City of Knoxville's Solar America program to install solar technology on its latest restoration project, a two-story, four-bedroom vintage house built in 1888, reports Amy McRary of the News Sentinel.

Knox Heritage hopes energy measures installed in the structure earn the property LEED for Homes certification.

The renovation blends modern energy-saving measures with vintage, recycled elements. Two solar energy devices will be installed to generate electricity and hot water. Solar-generating film is hidden on the building's standing seam metal roof, maintaining the traditional look of the house.

Other measures include foam insulation around new energy-efficient windows, R-38 insulation in the attic and cellulose insulation in walls.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory will monitor the house's energy use for a year as part of a regional study.

Open houses and demonstrations will highlight the marriage of vintage architecture and green technology. Those events include a 1-5 p.m. July 17 open house.

For more information and photos of the home see the full News Sentinel Article.

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