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Green Car and Courier ready to launch bike delivery service

Metropulse has an update on our Business in the Green winner, Green Car and Courier.

Green Car and Courier won the $10,000 prize in April for owner Chris King's idea to add bicycle delivery service for downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee to his current vehicle fleet, which are all converted to run on alternative fuels.

Writer Rose Kennedy says King plans to launch fleet of bike couriers for downtown deliveries in two weeks.

They'll cover the acreage from Market Square/Gay Street to the far West side of the UT campus, and over to Fourth and Gill. When a delivery involves a business beyond that range, the bikes will bring it to the perimeter of the downtown area, where a van or town car will take over. No vehicles will be used downtown unless a delivery won't fit on a bike.

"I'm an environmentalist," King says, "and I'm also a capitalist. The bikes will save fuel costs like crazy."

See the full story at Metropulse.

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