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Generation Partners program haitus leaves large projects in doubt

Earlier this month, Natural Energy Group began construction of Tennessee's first one-megawatt solar system on five acres in east Knox County. However, the future of the project, and others, is uncertain, due to TVA's recent re-evaluation of the Generation Partners program, News Sentinel reporter Larisa Brass reports in a recent story.


TVA has reinstated Generation Partners for renewable power installations of 200 kilowatts or less, but it still is evaluating what to do with larger systems, four of which the federal utility already had approved and a number of which are in the pipeline.

Under the existing system of incentives set up under TVA's Generation Partners program and through federal grants and tax incentives, the Natural Energy Group had looked for a 10-year payback period for its megawatt system, Brass reports. Now, they're not sure what to expect, said Harvey Abouelata, vice president of sales and marketing at Powell solar power system design and installation firm Efficient Energy of Tennessee, with which the Natural Energy Group has common ownership.

Efficient Energy is also working with Wampler's Farm Sausage in Lenoir City to install 500-kilowatt solar system this year followed by a one-megawatt biomass system next year, both of which would depend on Generation Partners credits to help finance the projects.

Several more projects are under discussion with potential customers including an airport and a property developer in Jackson, Tenn., looking to renovate a factory into green office space.

Photo: As this one megawatt solar station in Knox County takes shape, the project's investors wait to see if this will be their first and last investment in large-scale solar power production in Tennessee. Photo by Michael Patrick.

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