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TVA's Generation Partners program restored

Update: The News Sentinel reports that TVA is reversing its decision and resuming new enrollments in its Generation Partners pilot project to encourage renewable energy use throughout its service territory after being criticized by area alternative energy contractors.


In a recent News Sentinel column, business writer Larisa Brass reports that TVA has frozen new applications to its Generation Partners program, prompting concern among industry representatives.

She reports about 40 industry representatives joined a quickly arranged phone call Friday to discuss TVA's decision, which froze new applications to the alternative energy program and put in limbo a number of local solar projects.

TVA has agreed to meet with solar companies today prior to a meeting in which the agency and its distributors will discuss how to restart the program. TVA said an influx of applications has put the pilot program at risk of exceeding a 200-megawatt, $50 million limit for such initiatives.

The Generation Partners program lets TVA customer receive credits for electricity generated by sun, wind or biomass. Many customers have chosen solar systems, which are eligible for state and federal grants.

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