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Study underway to locate charging stations

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East Tennessee is getting ready for the arrival of electric cars by developing the public infrastructure to support their operation through what the city of Knoxville characterizes as "an ambitious program called the EV Project."

Representatives from the City of Knoxville, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville Utilities Board, Tennessee Valley Authority and Knox County have been working with ECOtality to determine where to locate roughly 350 publicly-accessible charging stations in Knoxville and the surrounding area - including 10 solar-powered stations in downtown Knoxville, according to a city news release.

Sites being considered downtown include the Market Square, Coliseum and State Street garages.

Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga are all test markets for the Nissan LEAF and the charging infrastructure, along with Washington D.C. and a handful of cities in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and California.

For more information about the EV Project, or to participate in the project, see

Interested in learning more about the Nissan LEAF or how to buy one? Check out Nissan's dedicated LEAF site.

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