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Manufacturer celebrates production of 2 million solar panels

Sharp Manufacturing Co. of America in Memphis produced its 2 millionth solar panel Tuesday, Toby Sells of the Commercial Appeal reports.

International, national, state and local leaders gathered at the Sharp factory on Mendenhall Tuesday morning to witness the production milestone.

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"To put this into perspective for you, the factory has produced enough solar panels to power 65,000 average-sized homes," Sharp Electronics Corp. CEO Kozo Takahashi said. "That's nearly a quarter of the homes in Memphis, and it saves nearly 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year."

The factory has produced residential and commercial solar panels in Memphis since 2003.

Read more at The Commercial Appeal.

Photo: Renisha Williams (left) and Lavonzella Redwood box up a set
of solar panels at Sharp's Memphis plant

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