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Park users encouraged to recycle

The City of Knoxville is launching a pilot recycling project at Caswell Park to determine how best to expand the efforts to other city parks.

Recycling containers will be located beginning June 1 throughout the ball fields and concession stands for park users to recycle plastic bottles and cups and aluminum cans. Cardboard and mixed paper materials will also be collected from the concession stands.

"The project is expected to last four months," said John Homa, City of Knoxville Solid Waste Project Manager. "The material will be collected, weighed and audited to give us some numbers to gauge the volume generated.
This will help us develop a cost effective on going recycling operation not only at Caswell but at many of the other City parks."

The J. T. O'Connor Senior Center will also participate in the four month project.

The project is part of a study of the City's Energy and Sustainable Task Force, Goods and Services Work Group. Partners in the project include Rock-Tenn Recycling and Waste Connections as well as the City Solid Waste Office and Parks and Recreation.

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